„V12“ – Carbon

„V12“ – Carbon on the Buffet!

The „V12“ buffet displays by ZIEHER combine modern and reduced forms with the precious material carbon. Elegant optics coupled with small weight with maximum stability – “V12” takes high-tech to the buffet! “V12” is combinable with many other ZIEHER buffet-systems. The typical ZIEHER height classification is 12cm, 24 cm and 36 cm (base 24x24 cm) or 8,16 and 24cm (base 20x20 cm) facilitates the simple combination with existing systems, such as “Konkret!”, “Choice”, “Lightning Buffet”, “Basic”, “Antique” and many more.

In combination with the enormous ZIEHER assortment of buffet-sheets, “V12” offers a maximum in flexibility and best usage of the buffet surfaces. The existent sheets made of natural slate, glass, milk glass or high-strength black glass are perfectly complemented by the new, greyly tinted smoked glass.

Carbon which is a carbon fiber tissue infused in synthetic resin originates from exclusively technical uses, for example racing and aerospace industry. Apart from its technical aspects, carbon stands also out because of its extraordinary and three dimensional optics which makes the material more and more suitable for the design of products.


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