Elegantly served and stylishly presented! Classic etageres, newly interpreted! Aesthetically pleasing and individual etageres from Zieher offer for numerous applications the perfect solution. A big selection of fitting inserts made of porcelain, glass, ceramic or stainless steel allow pleasant material combinations and flexible scope for designs.

Cruet stands

Cruet stands stand for flexibility and allow a quick service but can also be used as an object of design on the table. The use is as manifold as the available variations. Besides different types of jam, sugar, spices or dips also cocktails or small snacks will surely find their way in these products.


Trays do have a high functional use, but can also be so much more! Besides the shape, sizes and material the intended use is primarily of the essence. From the service in a scramble during an event to the staging of a trio of delicacies in the fine dining - different requirements demand different solutions.


Little somethings please the guest and will be remembered a long time by their stylish presentation. This could be fruit and pralines at the hotel room but also bread in a restaurant or a cigar at the bar should reflect the high demand of the host by their presentation and thus embellish the stay of the guest.