The classical basic material porcelain becomes an eye-catcher on the table by modern design. The feminine porcelain pillow "Donna", the easy floating "DressCoat" variations or the palm stone "Cave" are just a few examples of the aesthetically pleasing Zieher creations.


In contrast to the uniform results of industrially mass-produced goods, the imperfection and individuality of hand-made ceramics im- press in creating a very charming and natural look. This charm of the imperfect is particularly evident in the organically shaped plates and platters of the 10-part series “Salar”.



Glass is an incredible versatile material whose possibilities in terms of processing and design are almost unlimited. Zieher is using this to realize also exceptional shapes like "Donna", "Lacuna", "Amuse" or "Cuspis" of whom each thrills in their own way.

Solid wood

European walnut wood, one of the most precious and most beautiful types of European wood, forms the basic material for the solid wood products of Zieher. Warm shades of brown in different nuances as well as the intense and distinctive grain of the wood make each piece unique!


Pure enjoyment stylishly presented – by shapely and individually designed bell jars from Zieher! The cloches, which are available in different sizes and shapes, emphasize and protect the presented food and leave lasting impressions by their design.

Shells, natural stone and more...

Food can be exceptionally put in the limelight - in particular with exclusive materials like natural stone, shells or pewter or combinations of these materials. Innovative food presentations thru harmonious material compositions delight besides the palate also the eye!