Filigree displays and frames with integrated lighting form the basis of the “Glow” system. “Glow“ is a flexible system that creates unmatched buffet stagings. The filigree construction not only allows food and beverages to be presented on the displays, their inner side also creates enough space to effectively present delicacies in the right light.

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Buffet systems

Skyline – Squareline – Curve – three systems with an essential commonality ! The standardized gauge of the partition allows a combination of the different systems without problems. Integrable illumination and up to five varieties of colors of the displays are just a few advantages of these series.

Buffet risers

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Different presentation levels create space and order on the buffet and move the food closer to the eye of the beholder. The dazzling array of shapes and materials of the Zieher displays and buffet plates allow a suitable solution for each ambience.


Shapely and individual etageres made of high-gloss polished stainless steel create the perfect solution for scores of applications and offer a maximum use of minimum space.

Buffet bowls

The variety of Zieher buffet bowls is impressive. Stainless steel, brass, porcelain and glass, solid wood, pewter, ceramic and more – modeled to bowls by craftmanship!

Cloches and more…

Pure enjoyment stylishly presented – handblown cloches of Zieher, which are available in many different sizes and shapely variations, protect and accentuate the content. The presentation of precious truffles, an exclusive selection of a variety of cheeses or just a single praline – you`ll find the right size for each purpose.

Champagne coolers

Exquisite wines deserve an attractive presentation. No matter if on the floor, at the table or standing freely, Zieher champagne coolers allow a safe and stylistically at ease presentation of classy beverages.

Fingerfood & more…

Delicacies in your hands, small nibbles for all occassions, at the buffet or accompanying goodies during an event – with the flexible presentation possibilities of Zieher fingerfood can be arranged exciting and stimulative.