Contact Persons

We at Zieher always give ear to your desires and suggestions! Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or e-mail. We will take care of your requests the quickest possible way!

General Management

Dominik Zieher CEO
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-69 Mobil: +49(0)151/40100321
Jennifer Hübsch CFO
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-67
Oliver Zieher CMO
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-26


Stefanie Kurz Assistant to the Management
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-55

Human Resources Department

Friederike Kaiser Human Resources Department
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-51

Sales Division


Stefan Rödel Export Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-25 Mobil: +49(0)151/57655042
Timur Bager Export Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-58
Xenia Kalnizky Area Sales Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-59
Juliane Borger Area Sales Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-​28
Saphira Seidel Area Sales Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-​15
Nadja Jaye Area Sales Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-​13
Kristina Sitz Area Sales Manager (absent)
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-27

Sales DE - AT - CH

Klaus Bartikowski Area Sales Manager D-A-CH
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-61
Renata Riedl-Wehner Area Sales Manager D-A-CH
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-63

Sales Department - Retail

Stefan Richard Head of Retail
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-65
Johannes Macht Sales Manager Retail
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-19

Marketing Department

Jutta Gerlach Brand Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-52
Nikolan Borger Marketing Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-68
Matthias Luft Social Media Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-53
Sabine Hanusch Marketing - Layout
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-54

Purchase Department

Eva Kätzel Head of Procurement
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-16
Christoph Hammer Buyer - Product Development
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-36
Melanie Heissinger Buyer
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-18
Eva Benker Buyer
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-24

Warehouse Management

Thorsten Escher Warehouse Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-56
Jörg Schoberth Deputy Warehouse Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-22

IT Department

Udo Schmalfuß IT Manager
Tel: +49(0)9273/9273-48

Steven Röppnack Head of Sales