"Of course, there is life without wine, but who wants that?"
Silvio Nitzsche, owner WEIN | KULTUR | BAR

VISION series - wine glasses

Good wine, exquisite champagne and flavourful spirits unfold their true potential only after enjoying them out of an adequate vessel. With the handblown series "Vision" Zieher offers for that excellent solutions which enthuse by their design as well as by their functionality.

All information, product flyer and videos for “Vision”, the exclusive wine glass series, can be found here:
VISION - You have never seen wine like this!


The little enjoyment helper!
The “Tesoro” lid preserves the volatile aromas within the glass. The wine does not develop more slowly, but the fragrance molecules, which normally vanish, can be perceived gradually or together – at your own discretion. Thus the little enjoyment helper enables a completely new wine experience.

More information about Tesoro available here.


A decanter really widens the spectrum of enjoyment of wine. The swirling of wine in the decanter is a fascinating view and helps to develop the different levels of aroma. Let yourself be charmed by our extravagant decanter types committing to the art of tasting wine.

Further informations, flyer and videos about our decanters can be found under the following links:

Eddy - Breathe deeply!

Star - The gentle!

Doppio - The double!

Wine/Champagne cooler and more


Elegant cooler-setups provide longer lasting freshness of classy beverages and are received as a objekt of visual delight, especially if they are lighted in a fashion matching the ambience.