"Stablo" – Filigree Versatility

"Stablo" - Filigree Versatility

The buffet stands are made of solid stainless steel that is highly polished. They inspire by their delicate appearance and the high-quality workmanship. "Stablo" by ZIEHER is a buffet raiser system that gives the impression of bowls and plates almost hovering in the air. Fitted with slip-proof lids safe support of bowls and plates is guaranteed at all times and the caps also enable the angular positioning of bowls.

There are different sizes of "Stablo" buffet raisers (20, 30 and 40 cm). Moreover it is being produced in a consolidated version (40 cm height) which is extendable to 80, 100 and 120 cm with screw-on extension bars. An extraordinary wine cooler made of borosilicate glass, combined with "Stablo" and the ZIEHER rechargeable LED-lights, allows for a breathtaking presentation of Champagne and iced food.

The additionally available three staged buffet etagere offers a lot of space for all kinds of fingerfood. It can be equipped with numerous trays and plates of the ZIEHER range. Slip-proof lids help to avoid annoying noises and ensure a good hold of the trays.

"Stablo" allows for a maximum of flexibility in a modern buffet presentation, massive and bulky buffet tables become partly redundant Besides its entirely new look of almost levitating bowls and platters, "Stablo" inspires by its easy, flexible and time saving set up. It is also perfect to complement any existing buffet table or to create different levels of presentation on buffet tables.



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