"Shine" – brilliant and discreet!


"Shine" by Zieher – brilliant and discreet!

The stainless steel bowls of the “Shine” series are double walled and have therefore an isolating effect. This helps to avoid generating condensed water - even at elevated temperatures. Cold food stays cold and warm food stays warm longer.

The slim top edge appears elegant and filigree. The accentuated contrast between the highly polished outside and the unobtrusive finish on the inside makes that series an eye-catcher.

The inside of the bowls come in three appealing variations. The choice is between fine brushed stainless steel and two food safe coatings in ivory and taupe. "Shine" is available in three different sizes with diameters of 16, 20 and 24 cm.

The tilt of the top edge can be staged in many ways. "Shine" can be presented clearly structured, opening up towards the guest or playful and casually – just by different alignments ! The new "Shine" series by ZIEHER is the perfect combination of elegance and subtlety. It is easily changeable to achieve a variation of presentations and it is effective in its double-walled construction.

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