"Reef" by Zieher

The bowls and baskets of the “Reef” series are veritable eye-catchers, due to their organic structure and extraordinary shapes.

Many individual parts are assembled by hand to create truly exceptional pieces of art that are reminiscent of deep sea coral reefs. The outside texture of the bowls differs within the series: whether smoothly rounded or roughly structured with dark, patinized deepenings, each variant has its own charm!

An assortment of bread and fruit in the hotel room or on the buffet table is put perfectly into the limelight by the transparency of the "Reef" items; carefully draped towls are also exquisitely presented in the bathroom or in the wellness area.

In the lobby or at the reception desk, which are both a hotel’s hallmark, these impressive bowls guarantee lasting impressions with guests and visitors, especially when decorated with blossoms or flower bouquets.

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