"Eddy" – breathe deeply!

The basic material for this development aid worker for wine is extremely robust and high-grade borosilicate glass. This type of glass, which stands out due to its dense structure, extraordinary transparency and hardness, is the precondition for the implementation of the introversive swirl elements. In an interplay with light and the contained wine, they create also visually interesting colour reflections and almost graphic effects.

"The decanter "Eddy" defines the world of extreme wine instruments in a completely new way.

Their functionality has seldom been united with an aesthetic language of design in such a spellbinding way. The matchlessly fast-paced development of structure, which all wines undergo in that respirator, is really fascinating! Once rotating in that texture stimulator they run within seconds, due to the thousandfold swirls at the conical indentations, through a process, which is equivalent to an oxidation reaction of several hours."

Silvio Nitzsche - WEIN | KULTUR | BAR - Dresden

The volume of this respirator has been dimensioned in a way that, with a filling of up to 1.5 litres, the extension of the wine’s surface becomes as large as possible. Due to the flattened bottom the decanter stands up safely and straight, an optionally available base made of matt black silicone also allows an inclined positioning.


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