"Squareline" - the buffet system with 1.000 faces!


"Squareline" by ZIEHER - the buffet system with 1.000 faces!

Our classic "Skyline" has been changed and advanced to become "Squareline" and offers several new features apart from its pure design.

The stainless steel displays are available in two heights. Five versions, highly polished, golden and copper coloured, coated in white and matt black, award the columns completely different effects! The "Squareline" towers can be stacked on top of each other using connector pieces that are available in three different versions. If the displays are used turned by 90° the creative leeway for setting up the buffet will be enhanced greatly, which enables e.g. the buffet set up at an angle. Besides the technical aspect, the connector pieces are mainly a decorative element. They are available in highly polished black as well as satined, light-diffusing acrylic. The third version is handmade from massive walnut in best quality. In connection with the various displays and buffet platters, uncountable possibilities for the creation of a buffet arise.

Optionally "Squareline" offers 100% integration of our "Lightning Buffet" – the full height of the columns will be illuminated from the inside. When using the satined connector pieces, their light-diffusing effect even enhances the spectacular sight. The system is based on the buffet classic "Skyline" both in construction and in form. These two systems as well as the "Curve" series are compatible. No matter whether it is classic design in stainless steel and wood, or the highly modern design in matt black with stunning lighting – "Squareline" will adapt to every atmosphere and will give your guests lasting impressions!

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