“Collina“ - The hill country

„Collina“ - The hill country!

The translation for the Italian word “Collina” is “the hill” or “hill country”. This evokes hills or dunes which rise regularly next to each other or valleys and hollows which are separated by ridges.

Designer Wilma Greim is the composer of “Collina” by ZIEHER and has already created the “porcelain cushion” “Donna” for Zieher. The “Collina” plate is available in three different versions, with three, four and one with nine hollows whereby the latter is additionally available in two sizes.

The rigorously geometrical structure permits to string together several plates which allows extensions in both length and width.

When looking at the surface from the side, the arrangement still appears like a desert landscape arbitrarily formed by the wind. “Collina” enables many an application. If it is in the lobby or on the buffet, for the presentation of fruit or pastry, or as an exclusively decorative element, this series is versatile.The smaller version of the plate which is divided into nine parts is perfectly suitable for various antipasti or delicacies from the patisserie. A selection of fruit can be put in the limelight with the four or three hollows of this plate.

Due to ist double walls and the heat radiating back from them, warm dishes keep warm for a considerable time on this design product made of porcelain.

But the possibilities when considering private use are numerous, too. Next to using “Collina” as a fruit bowl, one can always convert the plate to a place for objects of everyday life, such as the mobile phone or keys. In order to protect the sensitive surfaces of furniture, every plate comes with feet made of sponge rubber which can be stuck on when needed.



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