"Reef" Novelties


"Reef" – Novelties

The products of the "Reef" series are genuine gems of dining culture! Whether it is bowls filled with bread or fruit at the center of attention or high-quality textiles held together by extravagant napkin rings emphasizing the ambiance, or the delightful shadow play of the candle light creating an atmospheric ambiance – "Reef" turns any table into a banquet. Used as storage space for jewelry or standing on its own as a decorative sculpture, even off the table the bowls find their application.

The wind-light fascinates by reflections of the candlelight in the silvery metal and the dancing shadows of the slender structures. A removable cylinder made of heat resistant glass protects the flame from wind and thus allows the usage in the garden and on the terrace.

Large numbers of single parts are casted from premium tin alloy and subsequently assembled in high-grade craftsmanship to give shape to these items. The inimitable pieces of art created that way are unique items which inspire by the polished surface of the organic structures and the rounded tails of the meshwork.


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