"Donna" – bedded on porcelain or glass!

The elegant pillows "Donna", which are made of high quality porcelain or satined glass are inspired by a woman’s curved back. The "Donna" pillows are definitely not made to sleep on. Instead they offer an ideal presentation area for high-end dishes or present a sculptural place to keep various items of everyday life, such as jewellery, keys or mobile phones.

Available in three sizes, they stage every dish and surprise the guest with the extraordinary shape. Especially the small pillows can be perfectly used on the buffet and offer an exciting contrast to conventional forms of glass or china. The satined glass version of the "Donna" pillows is available middle sized and despite its hard and massive raw material it surprises by its pleasantly soft and velvety feel.

The organic shaping of these extraordinary pieces allows for several different uses, the small "Donna" pillow may even be used as a soap dish.

Design: Wilma Greim

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