"Capiz" by ZIEHER – a touch of the South Seas on the table!

Varying plates and trays, an oval bowl for bread or fruit and double-walled champagner bowls are the items the "Capiz" series is comprised of.

Ivory-coloured clamshells with a nacreous gloss grant these products their special appeal. In combination with ice and the ZIEHER rechargeable LED-lights the Double-walled bowls produced in mosaic-look create fascinating effects, thus becoming the eye-catcher at the buffet.

The double-walled construction provides insulating characteristics. This prevents the formation of condensate on the outside of the bowls to the greatest possible extent.

Genuine clamshells are grinded razor-thin and embedded in robust resin. This process protects and stabilizes the delicate clamshell-wafers in the long term. The transparent resin creates an impressive depth effect and classy shine on every item of the “Capiz” series. This especially applies to the structured surfaces and shoulders of the dinner plates. These plates with their radially structured shoulders are available in the light version as well as in the trend colour taupe.


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