Modern and compact - bowl displays "Spike"

The anthracite coloured displays of the "Spike" series consist of translucent acrylic with a silk-mat surface. They are an elegant combination of shapely elements with a flexibility suitable for everyday usage. As the stands have been adapted exactly to the grey glass bowls belonging to the series, they form a harmonious picture and additionally provide a safe stand.

A combination of the stands/trestles with buffet platters - even in a flipped position - is also possible and increases the usefulness of the displays enormously.

The plug connections between the single items are very practice-oriented. They are compatible with one another within one size of stands, which guarantees a maximum of variability and creative freedom. Existing elements can therefore be newly arranged and extended almost arbitrarily by buying additional single items.

The displays of the "Spike" series are available in ten single units for several bowl sizes as well as ten pre-configured sets. Optionally available wooden transport and storage boxes simplify a space-saving storage of the single pieces.

Design Itamar Harari



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