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Solid and Stylish – Melamine!

Melamine offers a whole lot of advantages such as being dishwasher-safe, food-safe, and temperature-resistant. This is why it is perfectly suitable for everyday use in the hospitality and hotel industry. The advantages of melamine known for being an extremely sturdy material proof themselves especially in the catering industry.
Zieher combines this material with modern design and simple forms which complement the existing “Modul” system comprising of different tray sizes in common gastronomy standards. Apart from the “Modul” trays, the established GN-sizes (1/3, 1/2, 1/1) and some other shapely versions are available. The matt black surface creates a beautiful contrast with glass and porcelain and thrills through pleasant haptic. In addition, Zieher offers several other trays with three round immersions (2/8 GN) or in rectangular shape. And as typical for Zieher, all trays can be complemented with all different pourers, bowls, glasses, bottles etc. in different materials.

Several parts of the famous “Modul” system are compatible with the new trays, such as different parts made of glass or porcelain, a bridge for glasses or a rack for spoons that stores up to four party spoons.

Discover the possibilities of this unique system and play with the multitude of variations!
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