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"Plat de Luxe"


No sliding, no clattering...

Tray stand "Solid"

Cloches of some other kind!

"Dots" by Wilma Greim

Italian Design – perfectly shaped!

Pralines in exclusive ambiance!

„Solid“ – Bread on the buffet!


„Sphere“ – Elegance in black

"Amuse" - amusing shapes of glassware!

„Squareline"- the buffet with 1.000...

LED Lighting for Zieher Buffet Systems

„Cater-Log“ – melamine!


“Solid”- Exclusive Cutting Boards

“Modul” - Walnut, Classic or Melamine!

“Modul” - Melamine!

„Fingerfood - Tree“ by ZIEHER!

Olive Wood – every bowl is unique!

„Flow“- exceptionally presented

Refinements MADE IN GERMANY!

Solid and Stylish – Melamine!

Display for Bowls „TriBo“

LED Tea Light Set

Cruet Sets with new Variants 2011!

"Solid"-Wood in its most beautiful shape!

"Bloxx" - Flawless likes Diamonds!

"Collina" - The hill country!

"Pearl" is just unique – every single part!

"V12" - Carbon at the Buffet

The Brand ZIEHER

Fondue for one...

Embedded in Porcelain…

Food Displays for Buffet and Table!

“Konkret!” – Design for Flexibility!

Black Buffet plates - unbelievably robust!!

“Move” sets your buffet into motion!

SelectionA. by Heiko Antoniewicz

Zieher´s New Stainless Steel Cruets!!

The ZIEHER System!

Double-walled Glasses by Zieher!

Ribbon, exclusive by Zieher

GOA - Cutlery that Touches your Senses!

Buffet Innovations - "CHOICE"

"Spobo"- Cutlery and Porcelain combined!

"Duo" - Bowl or Plate?

"Art de Buffet" Clip-On Bowls

Miniatures "Petit Chef" by Zieher

"Art de Buffet" - First-Class Buffet

Plagiarius Campaign

"Plat de Luxe"

The small series „Plat de Luxe" by ZIEHER offers the perfect basis for the presentation of high-quality dishes.

Two flat plates and one deep plate convince by their fine porcelain body and the reduced design, which has been taken in all parts from a sphere.

In addition to the plain white version, the biggest plate is also available with two decors. The black decor “free” has a modern and playful aspect, the white decor “geo” is the classic, reserved variant.

Whatever the use, “Plat de Luxe” convinces everywhere – in the gourmet restaurant as well as in conventional catering.


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