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“Cuspis” – Borosilicate glass in its most...

“Lacuna” – Braving the gap!

Loop – precious bowl or artful...

"Cave"- pearles of the south sea

Melamin tray "Slope"

Embedded in Porcelain…

Elegantly served - stylishly presented!

„Reef“ by ZIEHER

Roots, Matrix & Fakir

"Capiz"- a touch of the South Seas...

VISION – You have never seen wine...

„Duplex“–unique pieces with double use!

“Konkret!” – Design for Flexibility!


Artisan - craftsmanship ...

„Neo“ – Dark elegance!


“Curve” – flexibility with a concept!

White platters for a cool Look – „Ice“

Pueblo _beauty by nature!

"Shine" – brilliant and discreet!

„Stablo“ – Cool Lighting Effects!

„Squareline"- the buffet with 1.000...

"Skyline"-Manhatten Feeling at the Buffet!

The ZIEHER System!

Carbon 4.0!

Presentation Boxes made by Zieher

„Solid“ – Buffet cubes!

„Rough!“ – craggy textures

A shining presentation!

Manufactured in old tradition ...

Bread and Fruit – Stylishly Presented

Buffet Platters in Cloudy Optic!

"Plat de Luxe"


No sliding, no clattering...

Tray stand "Solid"

Cloches of some other kind!

"Dots" by Wilma Greim

„Stablo“ – Filigrane Versatility

Italian Design – perfectly shaped!

Pralines in exclusive ambiance!

„Solid“ – Bread on the buffet!


"Amuse" - amusing shapes of glassware!

LED Lighting for Zieher Buffet Systems

„Cater-Log“ – melamine!


“Solid”- Exclusive Cutting Boards

“Modul” - Walnut or Melamine!

“Modul” - Melamine!

„Fingerfood - Tree“ by ZIEHER!

Olive Wood – every bowl is unique!

„Flow“- exceptionally presented

Refinements MADE IN GERMANY!

Solid and Stylish – Melamine!

Display for Bowls „TriBo“

LED Tea Light Set

Cruet Sets - plain and variable!

"Solid"-Wood in its most beautiful shape!

"Bloxx" - Flawless likes Diamonds!

"Collina" - The hill country!

"Pearl" is just unique – every single part!

"V12" - Carbon at the Buffet

The Brand ZIEHER

Fondue for one...

Food Displays for Buffet and Table!

Black Buffet plates - unbelievably robust!!

“Move” sets your buffet into motion!

SelectionA. by Heiko Antoniewicz

Stainless Steel Cruets by Zieher!

Double-walled Glasses by Zieher!

GOA - Cutlery that Touches your Senses!

"Spobo"- Cutlery and Porcelain combined!

"Duo" - Bowl or Plate?

"Art de Buffet" - First-Class Buffet

“Cuspis” – Borosilicate glass in its most...

“Cuspis” – Borosilicate glass in its most beautiful shape!

The primary design element of the series “Cuspis” is a glass ball studded with fine spikes.

The filigree cloches with a fitting base made of porcelain are available in two sizes and the inspiration for their shaping was derived from the nut of the oak tree. The ball-shaped handle is located at the top of the cloches and allows for an uncomplicated handling of these classy covers.

The unglazed outside of the porcelain bowls with its distinctive texture is reminiscent of acorn caps. The bowls can be used on both sides. When used as a plateau plate, the dishes move closer to the guest. Used as a bowl, it offers space for gravies, sauces and more while the filigree glass cloche protects the presented delicacies and puts them in the limelight at the same time.

Amuse-bouches and any kind of finger food can be served on the series‘ shapely amuse gueule spoons. In this case the glass ball serves as a secure handle. The capacity of the spoons is sufficient for a usage with sauces or dips on the plate, but also at the breakfast buffet for jam and the like.

A honey spoon of a different kind reliably holds the honey and, while being twirled, will deliver it drip-free onto the fresh bread or into the tea. The tapering handle made of white borosilicate glass additionally offers the use as a skewer - for an extravagant presentation of dishes. The gift set includes a tray made of black glass which keeps the surface of tables clean and emphasizes the spoon by creating an appealing contrast.

Design: Michael Schwarzmüller


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