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Carbon 4.0!

Presentation Boxes made by Zieher

Elegantly served - stylishly presented!

„Solid“ – Buffet cubes!

„Rough!“ – craggy textures

A shining presentation!

Manufactured in old tradition ...

„Stablo“ – Cool Lighting Effects!

Bread and Fruit – Stylishly Presented

"Skyline"-Manhatten Feeling at the Buffet!

Buffet Platters in Cloudy Optic!

"Plat de Luxe"


No sliding, no clattering...

Tray stand "Solid"

Cloches of some other kind!

"Dots" by Wilma Greim

„Stablo“ – Filigrane Versatility

Italian Design – perfectly shaped!

Pralines in exclusive ambiance!

„Solid“ – Bread on the buffet!


„Sphere“ – Elegance in black

"Amuse" - amusing shapes of glassware!

„Squareline"- the buffet with 1.000...

LED Lighting for Zieher Buffet Systems

„Cater-Log“ – melamine!


“Solid”- Exclusive Cutting Boards

“Modul” - Walnut or Melamine!

“Modul” - Melamine!

„Fingerfood - Tree“ by ZIEHER!

Olive Wood – every bowl is unique!

„Flow“- exceptionally presented

Refinements MADE IN GERMANY!

Solid and Stylish – Melamine!

Display for Bowls „TriBo“

LED Tea Light Set

Cruet Sets - plain and variable!

"Solid"-Wood in its most beautiful shape!

"Bloxx" - Flawless likes Diamonds!

"Collina" - The hill country!

"Pearl" is just unique – every single part!

"V12" - Carbon at the Buffet

The Brand ZIEHER

Fondue for one...

Embedded in Porcelain…

Food Displays for Buffet and Table!

“Konkret!” – Design for Flexibility!

Black Buffet plates - unbelievably robust!!

“Move” sets your buffet into motion!

SelectionA. by Heiko Antoniewicz

Stainless Steel Cruets by Zieher!

The ZIEHER System!

Double-walled Glasses by Zieher!

Ribbon, exclusive by Zieher

GOA - Cutlery that Touches your Senses!

Buffet Innovations - "CHOICE"

"Spobo"- Cutlery and Porcelain combined!

"Duo" - Bowl or Plate?

"Art de Buffet" - First-Class Buffet

Plagiarius Campaign

Carbon 4.0!

Carbon 4.0 – extraordinary looks, strikingly refined!

„Carbon 4.0“ upgrades that innovative material made of carbon fibres to a new level.

Contrary to „V12“, which contains a woven carbon fabric, these displays consist of fibre chips that are pressure-grouted and embedded in synthetic resin. The result is a completely new look of the classic carbon material.

Depending on the incidence of light, the cubes sparkle in dark and bright shades. The depth effect and the brilliance of the high gloss surface intensify this effect enormously.

This completely new kind of carbon fibre material is currently used only for the interior design of a hand full of selected sportscars. A fact which emphasizes the exclusivity of the new Zieher buffet cubes!

The carbon buffet-displays are highly versatile, since their standardized heights of 12, 24 and 36 cm provide compatibility with various ZIEHER-systems.

If combined with the assortment of ZIEHER buffet platters, Carbon 4.0 offers great flexibility and ensures efficient usage of available buffet-space.


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