Kulmbacher Strasse 15
95502 Himmelkron

The Zieher Team

Zieher products deserve an adequate frame.

The selection of new products is conducted under consideration of previous analyses of possible applications of the product, leading to an elegant product presentation captured by images of supreme quality.
To accomplish this task we have a long-standing team of affiliated master chefs on our side, whose support and guidance play an important part in our story of success.

Chef, Master Pâtissier, Food Photographer, and Business Consultant:
the Zieher Team see themselves as a network.
Every member works for himself as well as for the whole business sector and can be recruited by you - usually against the payment of a fee. Please contact the members directly. We see ourselves as a "meeting place of innovative ideas".

Interested? Provided that you have top qualifications, be welcome to join the team. Democratic vote decides on acceptance to our team.
The Zieher network functions as follows: we need your innovative power; the market needs you; and you need access to the market. Only cooperation makes us strong.
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